As expected, the NBA season started off with a bang. Not only did we see the Heat receive their Championship rings, but we also saw Derrick Rose make his official regular season return. In shifting the focus back to the ring ceremony, you may have already peeped a look at the insanely dope “Two Rings” Air Jordan XI Championship PE that Ray Allen rocked during both the ceremony and the entire game. Not to be outdone, King James came to the party rocking a sweet pair of “Ring Ceremony” Nike LeBron XI PE’s. Fully equipped with a red and gold color scheme flowing effortlessly throughout its build, this pair of PE’s was obviously fit for a King. Since James brought his talents to South Beach, the Miami Heat have seen their fair share of gold two years in a row. While this pair of LeBron XI’s is quite impressive, we can only imagine what other exclusive colorways are just waiting to be laced up. Basketball fans and sneakerheads everywhere surely had their eyes glued to their TV’s last night, I know I did. Thank the cable gods for the ability to pause live TV because I’m sure many of you paused the game just to make sure your eyes weren’t deceiving you. 


[Photos via Nike/Issac Baldizon]