Ronaldo - Weekend Recap

This weekend, the focus was on international soccer, so we are taking a break from our regular EPL review and looking at what players were wearing in World Cup Qualifiers. As well as International games, there were also some significant friendly fixtures that we picked up on too, with the most important one taking spot number 1 on this weeks list.

We are only 274 days away from the first games in Brazil, and there are still plenty of spots to be decided upon. This is your stand-in weekly International Recap.

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Petrov - Weekend Recap

No. 1 – Stylian Petrov Charity Match a Success

On Sunday, a slew of top stars from former pro players to boy band members showed up to take part in the Stylian Petrov charity. Petrov - in remission from acute leukemia – played 30 minutes in front of the packed out Celtic Park and did so wearing a pair of adidas Predator LZ. It was a pretty emotional game that was played in very friendly spirits. Both teams wore Celtic kits, one in the home and one in the away.

Petrov was always a leader in the middle of the field, so it is no surprise that he was wearing the Predator LZ. They are a boot designed for control and a little bit of power, a hybrid of sorts. In his prime, these would have been the perfect boot to compliment his style and it was only fitting that he wore them.

If you missed the game, you probably also missed One Direction's Louis Tomlinson getting knocked to the ground by Gabriel Agbonlahor, with the thousands of pop fans in the crowd wincing. The singer writhed around on the floor in agony, before getting to his feet as Agbonlahor patted him on the head as he ran off. Classic!

Ronaldo - Weekend Recap

No. 2 – Cristiano Ronaldo Rocks a Hat-Trick versus Northern Ireland

Ronaldo was the star in Northern Ireland as Portugal came from behind late on to earn a crucial win. We are pretty familiar with hearing Ronaldo’s name associated with a slew of goals, but his record at international level isn't quite as devastating as it is at club level.

As is the standard, Ronaldo was wearing the Nike Vapor IX. Being that he is the lead athlete for the range, this is testament to their success and ability to provide attacking players with a solid foundation. The dimpled upper adds an extra level of texture that allows for a unique feel and touch on the ball.

Borges - Weekend Recap

No. 3 – US Struggle in Costa Rica... Again

It was a case of same old story as the USMNT struggled in Costa Rica, losing by a score of 3-1. If the game was decided on possession, the US would have comprehensively won, but that is definitely not the case. They give up too many chances and Costa Rica was more than willing to take advantage.

Tico playmaker Celso Borges was the star of the show, scoring and then creating several excellent opportunities to increase the lead. The AIK man seemed fired up (probably from the Snow game in Colorado a few months back) and shone wearing his pair of adidas adiPure 11Pro. Being that he is a playmaker/striker, they are an unusual choice for Borges to go with. We recognize the adiPure as being a comfortable boot and they provide solid traction, but they are an interesting option to see him wear.

Gudmunsson - Weekend Recap

No. 4 – Switzerland and Iceland Split 8 Goals

It turned out to be a real thriller between the Swiss and Iceland in their qualifying game, with Iceland fighting from 4-1 down to tie the game in added time. Johann Berg Gudmundsson was the star of the show as he bagged a hattrick wearing a pair of Nike Vapor IX in the current Volt/Bright Cirtus colorway - the second hat-trick by a player wearing these boots on Friday.

The AZ winger doesn't have a reputation for being a goalscorer, but he proved against Switzerland that he can pop up in the right place at the right time. The Vapor IX is all about explosive speed, something that works effectively with his style of play as he takes defenders on along down the outside.

It is a case of anything Ronaldo can do, I can do better!

Khacheridi - Weekend Recap

No. 5 – Ukraine Wallop San Marino

There is no doubting that we expected Ukraine to beat San Marino comfortably, but to do it at a score of 9-0 is impressive. San Marino are consistently the whipping boys and Ukraine took full advantage by banging in 6 second half goals. The goals were pretty spread out between the squad, with defender Yevhen Khacheridi being the only player to score twice.

Khacheiridi is the odd player on this weeks list, with the tall center back sporting an older version pair of adidas F50 adiZero. He seems to have been wearing these boots for a while and the reason is a mystery, but his colorway of choice is the Prime Blue/Electricity model released a few years ago. And he also seems that he is a fan of the leather version. All-in-all an unusual choice for a defender, but they seem to be aiding his play. A clean sheet and two goals is not a bad day at the office!

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