Affiliation: Senior Global Design Director, Jordan Brand

What Got You Into Sneakers?
They are the most common form of self expression. A way to be different and a way to be part of something bigger. Simply put, sneakers allow you to dream beyond the confines of a world filled with stereotypes.

Where Did You Go To School?
I went to College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design. I also attended Stanford University Graduate School of Business where I received a Master of Science in General Management and Social Innovation

How Have You Applied Your Learning To Sneakers?
Through constant curiosity, I have feverishly tried to make the invisible problems, visible in an endless pursuit of serving the true needs of the athlete.

What Is Your Past Experience And How Did Your Past Lead You To A Career In Sneakers?
I was a small kid in a big city. Sneakers made me feel like I could fly. They gave me a purpose. It was my way of saying "Hello" to the world.


Focus on effort, rather than ambition.


What Was The Sneaker Or Moment That Made You Want To Have A Career Involving Sneakers?
Watching my brother walk home from his first day working at Footlocker wearing the SC Trainer 1s. It was as if he was the Southside's greatest hero. People stopped him every five steps to simply be close to the shoe. I know then that I wanted to be part of that.

What's The Favorite Part Of Your Job?
Helping and preparing others to eventually take my job. We all lease our roles, so why not prepare the next tenant while your still in it?

Did You Ever Think Sneakers Would Take You This Far?
Not at all. I solely, no pun intended, put my faith in The Lord. I asked Him to order my steps and He has lead me to this point through sneakers.

Where Are Sneakers Going To Take You Next?
Wherever God wants me to be!

What's The Best Piece Of Advice You Could Offer Someone Trying To Make A Career In Sneakers?
Focus on effort, rather than ambition. Expect disappointments and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by blessings. And always remember, that at the end of the day, we are all just kids who love to draw shoes....