Name: Darrell Camara
Age: 21
Location: San Diego, CA
Twitter / Instagram: @baseDeez

What Is Your Favorite Sneaker?:

Hands down, the Nike Air Trainer 1. 

How Often Do You Buy New Sneakers?:

About once every few months.

What's The Most You've Spent On A Pair Of Sneakers?:

$220 on a pair of original "Concord" Nike Zoom Spiridons.

How Many Pairs Of Sneakers Do You Have?:

Roughly 60 pairs.

Do You Collect A Specific Type Of Sneaker?:

No, but judging from the looks of my closet, it mainly consists of training or running sneakers.

Have You Ever Sold A Pair Of Sneakers?:


How Often Do You Look At Sneakers On The Internet?:

Almost every day via instagram or eBay.

What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear The Term Sneakerhead?:

That "term" has been thrown everywhere and everyone has their own definition, but I honestly have no clue. Anyone who has a passion and/or loves sneakers could be a sneakerhead.


Anyone who has a passion and/or loves sneakers could be a sneakerhead.


What Are Your Feelings On The State Of Sneakers Right Now?:

It's saturated. You've either got one individual who has all the Jordan's that has been released every Saturday for the past year, someone who has every single colorway of the Nike Roshe Run, or both. 

What Has Changed About Sneakers In The Last 5/10/20 Years To You?:

Obviously, it's changed a lot. I remember when I first started "getting into the game," hardly anyone cared about sneakers. I was the only kid at school who had a clean pair of sneakers that nobody had and, better yet, knew what they were. I spent countless hours on sneaker forums #NT and meeting newly found friends over the internet and by putting faces to screen names. Thats what it was all about for me. Now, you've got everyone and their moms wearing the same sneakers along with their "fresh" outfits. But what I also remember (along with many others out there) was the time where purchasing a pair of sneakers was easy. Walking into a store at the local mall on a Tuesday evening to see a pair of Jordans you wanted and them having your size was a cakewalk. Now, you've got people camping out, going crazy over twitter RSVPs etc. for a pair of retros in a colorway that was just "retro-ed" 2 years ago. 

What Would You Like To See Change In The Future?:

World peace.