Puma know how to do limited edition boots, just take a look at this latest Puma King release as an example. Not only are you getting the real deal, but Puma has slapped the label "Lux" or luxury on the title, it doesn't get much more fancy than that!

When we were introduced to the 2013 Puma King range, fans were left questioning some of the changes Puma introduced. The most obvious was the removal of a traditional K-leather upper. This release solves that problem and offers players a new option when it comes to the fabled range. Rather than fighting it out with a synthetic, you now have the option of choosing a buttery soft upper that will work with your feet and provide the exquisite feel that has always been a staple of the King.

Then there is the overall design of the boot. At first glance, the shimmer effect on the k-leather upper leaves you in no doubt that quality is at the forefront. Then there is the additional of some superb Gold detailing. I am a fan of simple designs that feature complimentary detailing, and this boot is definitely up there with the best looking of the bunch. Along the lateral side, Puma has added a streak of Gold as well as a panel along the heel counter that really adds a defined look. Flip them over to the sole, and you will also see how they have added some additional cursive text with the text "Puma King Luxury Edition" to really elevate the appeal.

Apparently, luxury comes at a cost and that is the case with this release. Puma has definitely listened to the market by creating a K-leather version of the king. To be honest, it has always been a naturally expected addition to a King release but it seems like other external factors impacted that on this release. Where they haven't listened to the market is in the price, and these are going to be available to a minor section of the market. If you can break out +$250 on a pair of boots, then you are in with a shot of picking up a pair. In fact, they clock in at a slightly higher $274.99, so you might need to dust off that piggy bank.

You can currently find the Puma King Lux at soccer.com, and just to note that it comes in special limited edition packaging, which includes a free PUMA King lux sack pack.

Bryan Byrne is the founder of SoccerCleats101, a website created as a valuable source of unbiased information for players looking to find out about soccer footwear.

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