Running in the heat is serious business. And with the recent heat wave that has pounded much of the country, runners need to remember the importance of hydrating properly when hitting the open road or trail.

Now, there are tons of ways to stay hydrated on your run. You can go with the standard water bottle, handhelds, or vests. At the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference. But if you’re the type of runner who prefers the belt option, Nathan has just what you need in the Trail Mix hydration belt.

Featuring a bounce-free design, the fully-adjustable Trail Mix hydration belt allows you to easily access your favorite fluids, as well as any nutrition packs or accessories you can’t do without. The belt features a two-bottle design, complete with tension-molded holsters that retain their shape after repeated use. It comes with an external Power Stretch Mesh pocket for storing essentials, as well as two shock cords with one-pull tension lock for your jacket or gloves. The Trail Mix features a slim design for comfort, even in hotter weather.


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