Affiliation: Inside The Sneakerbox
Twitter: @sneakerboxclyde
Grail: Ronnie Fieg x ASICS GT-II "Avatar" Samples
Released: N/A

The Holy Grail. No Magna Carta. Right? Man! That's a hard one. I honestly don't think I own my grail; if I even have one. I do have a story about how I landed one of the pairs that's pretty special to me though. It was 2010 I believe. Back before Ronnie [Fieg] was at the level he's at today. Before instagram took over our lives. I was randomly picked by Ronnie to win a pair of "Avatar" Ronnie Fieg x Asics GT- II samples that were never produced. The funny thing about it, is that I didn't even know I won. I was getting a bunch of @ mentions from different people congratulating me. I was lost. I had no clue. It was crazy. I thought it was a prank a first. Well, it wasn't. Ronnie sent them over and I have still yet to wear them. I've been offered plenty of money for them. Maybe I'll sell them. Just joking. I'd never sell 'em. There they sit in my closet; in an all-white, autographed box. Maybe I'll wear them next year for Inside The Sneakerbox's 5 Year Anniversary. Who knows.