Under Armour has been pushing forward with outside of the box sneaker designs for a few years now with bold designs that seem to question the norm. Although, at one point, sneaker design was more about function than fashion (or at least we believe), it seems that the amount of retweets has become more influential than actually dropping 55 in a game in a pair of shoes when it comes to sales. The Under Armour Speedform RC is one of the designs that has been anticipated a for a number of months, not because of a bunch of themed color schemes but because of it's innovative and functional design. Not that it won't be available in a plethora of dope colorways come early next month. It's just that the 6mm drop and 6 ounce weight is more about getting it done. The seamless one-piece upper is truly one-piece, not like some of the other running shoes on the market that talk the talk without backing it up. A grippy outsole adds the final piece to the UA Speedform RC, which loosely translated, is short for an anatomical ass-kicking sneaker.


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