Leo is a sneaker collector in Los Angeles and is a wholesaler. He like to keep a low profile and definitely loves his kicks.

How was the Bespoke experience?

It was amazing. It was crazy. This is my first pair of Bespokes and I pretty much didn't know what I was doing. I had a couple of ideas, but nothing for sure. But when I walked in, they helped me flesh them out and design the shoe. It was a great pleasure.

What was the final inspiration for your shoe?

Beauty and the Beast. The first thing we created was the beast. So the top eyelet is red like an actual eye. We also went with animal print on the tongue. Zebra print on the tongue. Black croc on the tongue tag. We also have gold dragon scale along the overlays. On the outsole, we have like four dots that represent the animal's paws. The brown suede represents the beauty as well as the dark brown cork. We mostly kept it clean with more black croc for the Nike Swoosh and heel.

What was your favorite part about the Bespoke experience?

The design process. The designer helped me out with the ideas. At first I really wasn't sure how or what to do, but they really helped me out. He really me flesh out my ideas. He really took his time and helped me out step by step. We played with different colors and materials and he really helped me out. It was his idea to red out the top eyelets.

Would you recommend the Bespoke experience to any of your friends?

(Laughs) Definitely. All of my friends.

What is your favorite pair of kicks in your collection?

That is a hard question. I'll go with the Jordan V Tokyo. That's probably my favorite pair. In regards to Air Force 1s, it is just all white.

Where can people find you online?

Instagram is @The_Vaults