Chris is a television producer in Los Angeles that works on shows that air on ESPN.

How would you explain the Bespoke program for the Nike Air Force 1?

Great. I really did my homework coming in and really put some thought into what would go into the shoe. I am from Ohio, so my thing was to infuse some of Ohio State colors and the Buckeye into the shoe. I didn't want to make it a school shoe, but at least a nod to where I've been and where I came from.

What would you say is your favorite details about the shoe?

One of the things we tried to incorporate was the Buckeye, but we didn't want to replicate it. So we turned it into a bit of a C, which is my initial. We put it on the tongue, and to go with it, the laces match that olive green color. Is is a subtle nod to Ohio State, while still keeping it customized for me.

With so many options, how do you decide?

Izzy (the Nike Bespoke designer) did a great job of helping me. I brought in some reference. I brought in some looks that I like, some materials, some colors, and one we narrowed that down it helped. The color palette was easy. But he definitely helped guide me as far as the different material and how to map it out on the shoe. He was really great about that. We wanted it to be clean, but also have a custom look. That is where some of the details came in like on the stitching to make it feel more custom. We didn't want to get overly complicated with the colors and materials.

Is this something you would like to see come to Los Angeles?

Absolutely. I've told all my friends about the experience, and of course they didn't know, and they were asking how they could do it. Everyone is pretty stoked and I can't wait to show these off around the office.

Where can people see some of your work?

Just go to a sports bar and turn on ESPN and there is all the kinda stuff that we do.