It's official, Nike has decided that the Roshe Run is going to be the sneaker this summer, and even through next season, too. If you thought that the Roshe model was only going to made of lightweight mesh that's awesome most of the time, but leave your feet soaking-wet when there's any sign of precipitation—your toes (and socks) are in luck. The ever-so-popular model keeps receiving new upgrades, if its not a basketball model, its now something a little more luxe.

The Roshe Run has now been given the "Premium" tag. While details are shady at best right now and purely speculative, it appears that the sneaker features a textured and non-mesh upper. Instead, this black/white make-up is something more substantial. You might actually be able to wear this pair as November air sinks in. Check back for more details, but with a colorway as wearable as this, expect runner fans to snatch them up with the quickness.

[via Team Roshe]