Year: 2011

Nick says: "To be completely honest, this was actually the third option that I did for our SC Foamposite. The first version featured a white Foamposite base, blue eyestay and black tongue and was WAY TOO HOT for just a 25-pair release. Part of the deal for the Penny Pack was that the Nike team promised me they wouldn't re-create any of the colorways we did, and they couldn't quite come up with a guarantee for my first option. After deciding to flip the iconic blue and black color placement on Penny's most beloved model as a Plan B, we tried to toy around with a sample that had an unmolded Foamposite overlay along both the eyestay and heel collar. It just didn't come out great, so we went with a more traditional nubuck along the eyestay and a matte black finish atop the Foam. As flashy as Foams have gotten in recent times, with not only new gloss executions, but even wild graphics, this pair is nicely subtle and can still turn just as many heads."