When it comes to GPS sport technology, TomTom (which has been featured in the Nike+ SportWatch GPS) is no stranger to the fitness industry. But now it looks like the Dutch company is venturing out on its lonesome with an exclusive series of sport watches, including the TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS.

To break the mold of bulky performance watches, the new TomTom line features an ultra-slim design, and a one-button control for simplicity. As expected with any modern top-tier sports watch, the TomTom has Bluetooth capability, as well as a Heart Rate monitor perfect for multi-sport use. Other options include a Swimming Motion Sensor (waterproof up to 50 meters), Cadence Sensor, Bike Mount, and a built-in Altimeter.

The TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watches will be available in Summer 2013. Stay tuned for the latest news from TomTom.

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