I know everyone is into Margiela sneakers and the expensive ass Samba movement in general right now, but check these Gazelles out. They are pretty close to the silhouette and overall vibe of an overpriced sneak, but without the pricepoint. Also, they’re Adidas Gazelles, which means ninety percent of you have worn a pair in your lifetime. I was always a Gazelle dude over a Samba dude, which was sacrilegious where I grew up. But fuck a Samba dude. It’s not my fault my parents wouldn’t buy the Kangaroo leather upper joints I needed to really dominate the under 12 indoor soccer league. Who else was seriously pissed at their parents because they refused to buy them the pro shoe? Also, who else finds it hilarious that every kid in America grows up playing soccer and at, like, 13 suddenly goes, "FUCK THAT NOISE! SOCCER IS FOR PUSSIES!"