“You gotta pick your vice,” Lil Wayne said, “you got candies, trees, or drank. We got the Vaiders in candy, candy all in the inside—I call ‘em sugar rush. And then we got the Stevie Williams edition with the trees—self-explanatory, you already know what that is. And then we got the Skytop IIIs from the Muska with the drank, you know what I mean? As you can see we got a detail with a drank on the side, ice cubes and all that. But like I said, pick your vice, man: candy, trees, or drank. Yagada.”

Thanks for the descriptions, Weezy. This week, Supra has launched the undeniably unique Vice Pack in conjunction with Lil Wayne, again comprised of the S1W, Skytop III and Vaider Lite. Of course inspired by one of the Young Money rapper's three vices (past or present *cough cough*), you can find each available now through Supra's online store. Which is yours?

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