So the story goes: Nike purchased Savier in 2001, the two brands were supposed to complement each other and be placed side-by-side in skate shops around the world. Well, it was a nice plan anyway. If you don't remember Savier, that's because they disappeared a few short years after they were acquired by Nike. Obviously, Nike SB became the catch-all for anything that mixed The Swoosh with skateboarding, and that's worked out well for pretty much anyone into sneakers or skateboarding. Savier had some dope silhouettes of their own, though — Brian Anderson and Brad Staba pro models please! — not to mention the Swoosh-less Trainer 1 inspired Tim O'Connor joints that were the epitome of rebelliousness to anyone who didn't know the cash spent was still going into Nike's bank account. Those green and yellow Brazil O'Connors... man.