Asics continues to deliver updates to their multi-generational kicks, along with some unexpected components, to this extensive Spring 2013 lineup. While the colorways options seem endless, the best thing we're noticing from Asics is the brand's ability to maintain the integrity of each model despite shaving off a few extra ounces to keep up with the demand for lightweight. Expect training kicks to get some extra attention up top while the GEL technology remains in most of the running collection.

Click through for a little preview of the remix, this is what you should be expecting from Asics next spring.

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Asics GEL-Cirrus33 2  

Sport: Running
Weight: 11.8oz

Asics Says: "This second version of the GEL-Cirrus33™ series continues to blend lightweight flexibility with maximum cushioning, featuring the most GEL Cushioning technology ever. Superior platform comfort is matched by an updated MONO-SOCK upper featuring innovative Seamless Upper Construction, producing a slipper-like fit and feel."

Sneaker Report Says: The GEL-Cirrus33 2 is a bit lighter than its predecessor built for the serious runner that is confident with the longer routes. We're ready to test the 2 against the original. 

Save Up: $150

Asics GEL-Excel33 2

Sport: Running
Weight: 9.8oz

Asics Says: "Asics' revolutionary new technology debuts in this update to the GEL-Excel33, providing runners footwear that adapts and responds like nothing they have ever experienced before. Multi-density construction aids re-supination at toe-off, with a softer SpEVA layer providing bouncy underfoot comfort atop a firmer and responsive Solyte base."

Sneaker Report Says: Lance Armstrong's rebound sneaker features our beloved Solyte technology, enough said, we're in. 

Save Up: $125

Asics GEL-Lyte33 2

Suggested For: Running
Weight: 8.5oz

Asics Says: "Light on weight but heavy on innovation, this generation of the GEL-Lyte33 boasts F.A.S.T. features and Asics' new breakthrough technology."

Sneaker Report Says: The GEL-Lyte33 is designed to be as lightweight and flexible as possible. Specialized for underpronators to neutral runners.

Save Up: $90

Asics GEL-Keyano 19

Suggested For: Running
Weight: 10.9oz

Asics Says: "The 19th version of the GEL-Kayano series takes a "stop at never" approach by improving upon its award winning ride, comfort, and fit. Asics' flagship Structured Cushioning model drops over a half ounce in weight, thanks to top-of-the-line features like Heel Clutching System and Dynamic DuoMax."

Sneaker Report Says: One of the top runners on the market, both hands down. Earlier this month, the review team praised its versatility and superior comfort, so start saving now.

Save Up: $150

Asics GEL-Cirrus33 2

Suggested For: Running
Weight: 11.8oz

Asics Says: "This second version of the GEL-Cirrus33™ series continues to blend lightweight flexibility with maximum cushioning, featuring the most GEL® Cushioning technology ever. Superior platform comfort is matched by an updated MONO-SOCK® upper featuring innovative Seamless Upper Construction, producing a slipper-like fit and feel."

Sneaker Report Says: The OG Cirrus33 was cirrussssly comfortable. Not but really, the flexible outsole combined with the GEL technology is a good fit for any middle to long distance runner.

Save Up: $150

Asics GEL-Noosa Tri 8

Suggested For: Running
Weight: 9.7oz

Asics Says: "Designed to be as extreme as the athletes who wear it, the GEL-Noosa Tri 8 drops almost an ounce in weight to push every envelope possible. The perforated sockliner and open mesh upper optimize moisture drainage and breathability, secured by new lenticular reinforcements."

Sneaker Report Says: Part of the popular Noosa Tri collection, the Tri 8 takes things to the extreme, for those runners who just aren't satisfied with tonal color options. These are equipped enough for long distance runners who know how to stand out in the most traditional way possible.

Save Up: $130

Asics GEL-Noosa FAST

Suggested For: Running
Weight: 6.6oz

Asics Says: "Triathletes seeking a go-fast shoe perfect for race day need look no further with the debut of the GEL-NoosaFAST. Elastic laces, grips on extended heel and tongue tabs, and a no sew construction allow for sockless wear and make transition a breeze. Loaded with F.A.S.T.™ features, Magic Sole™ drainage, and plenty of down-under personality to keep endurance athletes looking forward to the run."

Sneaker Report Says: This minimal model of the Noosa collection is designed to be quick and efficient. Even the laces were taken into account, using elastic to make these easily and quickly secured. A great choice for triathlons.

Save Up: $100

Asics BlazingFAST

Suggested For: Racing
Weight: 3.9oz

Asics Says: "The new BlazingFAST is built for speed, weighing in at a wickedly light 3.9 ounces. Lightweight seamless upper construction and the soft ecsaine collar lining allows for sockless wear, and F.A.S.T. features make this racing flat just at home around the track as on the road."

Sneaker Report Says: This racing sneaker is built for speed, but not necessarily the long haul. We'll be testing the durability on these kicks, stay tuned.

Save Up: $100

Asics GEL-Synthesis

Suggested For: Training
Weight: 10.0oz (w/ bootie)

Asics Says: "Innovative training product aimed at the elite cross-training athlete, the GEL-Synthesis™ combines both minimal and modular concepts into one great lightweight training shoe."

Sneaker Report Says: The GEL-Synthesis is equipped for pretty much whatever you can throw its way. Utilizing a number of technical materials and functional additions like the removable bootie (see next slide), there's really no end to the number of uses you can get out of this trainer.

Save Up: $125

Asics GEL-Synthesis Bootie

Suggested For: Training
Weight: 10.0oz (bootie included)

Asics Says: "The shoe features an outer shell made of lightweight synthetic leather and breathable monomesh for support and comfort, combined with a removable inner bootie featuring a neoprene collar and air mesh body that can be used separately for specific strength and conditioning workouts."

Sneaker Report Says: The removable bootie featured in the GEL-Synthesis (see previous slide). The neoprene and mesh build gives a snug, contoured fit.

Save Up: $125

Asics Lift Trainer

Suggested For: Training
Weight: 13.8oz

Asics Says: "Inspired by professional weight lifting shoes, the Lift Trainer was made for those looking for a shoe that provides the structure and support while lifting that regular athletic shoes don't provide."

Sneaker Report Says: Face the facts: a lot of shoes marketed as trainers don't always serve their purpose as well as they should. The Asics Lift Trainer aims to deliver exactly what it promises. Just by looking at it, you can tell a lot of thought and detail went into perfecting this model.

Save Up: $125

Asics GEL-Blur 33 TR Mid

Suggested For: Training
Weight: 10.3oz

Asics Says: "A mid-top version of the popular GEL-Blur 33 TR, the 3/4 upper height and forefoot support strap provide increased support and stability while the rearfoot GEL cushioning & Solyte midsole provide a cushioned platform."

Sneaker Report Says: If your low-cut trainers just aren't getting the job done anymore, the Gel-Blur 33 TR Mid may be one to consider. Its build and colorway are kept fairly basic, putting function first.

Save Up: $100

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