Year Released: 1980s

Woooo. Now this was a case of international mystery. Intrigue. What in the world were these? Where did they come from? Asahi Shoes were made by the Yamaha company out of Japan. As far as I am aware (and I only know what I remember here), there were two styles of the Asahi. One was basically a leather Campus, and the other was a leather Bruin. They had two stripes instead of three. I am pretty sure they were both on vulcanized or cold cement bottoms. But the dope thing for me was the disco break! Asahis had a crazy heel overlay. Wide, curvy, with a big yellow dollop in the middle of a bigger orange one, backed with navy. Looking very Verner Panton 1972. These were crazy distinctive, and no one had them. I never bought them because they were always sitting right next to Lendls or some other shoe I wanted just a little bit more. If Asahi relaunched right now, it would work as-is, no tweaks.