Year Released: 1986

Having spent some time in the industry, I think I know why the Meadow Max was still around in 1986. Sales reps. By 1986, Nike was pushing the envelope hard from a technology standpoint and making issues out of its key tennis assets. Nike Air was widely accepted, and visible air was only a year away. Nonetheless, the Meadow Max-- the official shoe of 8th grade soccer coaches everywhere (after hanging up their Nike Field Generals for the evening)-- was still in stores in 1986. Seems like a situation where a few vocal sales reps had a few vocal accounts that just kept buying back into the shoe. So it kept getting carried over season after season, to the dismay of the product team. I don't know for sure. I wasn't there. I was too busy with my boys clowning the 8th grade soccer coach. The reason the Meadow Max is on this list is that Nike really wasn't always the go-to tennis brand you see now. And before it was, the Meadow Max (and the put-a-paper-bag-over-its-head-and-use-it-till-it's-all-used-up Meadow Max Supreme) was the height of Nike tennis techology. Somewhere in Texas, MVZ is mowing his lawn in these shoes and smiling.