Year Released: 1991

Huarache was a huge (and risky) initiative for Nike in 1991. Huarache technology was based on a very strappy Mexican leather sandal style that dates back even further than Clark Kent. So that's a really long time ago. All Huarache product featured "Huarache Fit" which was basically an inner-booty made of neoprene and spandex that held your shit in just right. The campaign slogan was "Have you Hugged your Foot Today?" and a lot of Nike Athletes were wearing them off court, just because they were so comfortable. That technology benefit also yielded a distinct and dope visual that emphasized the upper over the sole unit (unlike Nike Air). Neoprene and spandex take bright color really well, and the huarache-style straps that accompanied them along with the space age Huarache logo, gave Huarache product a hypertechnical look that Nike then circulated across footwear in many of its sport categories, including Running (Air Hurache), Basketball (Air Flight Huarache. . . the Fab Five shits) and even Tennis. Personally, I was down to squeeze my shit into a good-looking booty, so I liked Huarache a lot. The Air Challenge Huarache was Nike's effort to cross-pollenate the Huarache iniative with Tennis product, and if you are going to take a chance on some wild shit, you do it with Andre Agassi. To me, these looked like half-Jordan VII, Half Tech Challenge and Half Air-Resistance, so that's at least 150% good.