Year Released: 1980s

Whenever I mention Kaepa to people (It's not like I go around talking about Kaepa all the time, but still) they think I'm talking about Kappa. I'm not. If you were really trying to come with your own style, Kaepa was one way to do that. Kaepa tennis shoes were weird. The laces tied not only at the top of the shoe, but a second set of laces tied in the middle. Apparently this was based on the founder of the company breaking a shoelace during a match, and having to make a key lacing decision under extreme Sunday tennis pressure. The guy was also a priest at one time, so God probably gave him the high sign during that moment of crisis and self doubt ("tie them shits in the middle, my son, then sell ye them to the public!"). If you look carefully at the eystay of the OG Stefan Edbergs, it is structured similarly. The one kind of dope thing about Kaepas was the removable Kaepa logos. Two triangles. That is typical for cheerleading shoes, but not so much for other shoes. Kaepa still makes volleyball and cheerleading shoes today, so if anyone reading this is a male cheerleader, I can put you onto the Kaepa website, but really you should just stop doing that.