Year Released: 1984

I am a sucker for tricks and treats. In 1984, adidas and Puma were doing all kinds of tricks. adidas had the Micropacer. Puma had the RS-Computer. Adidas introduced the Peg System, and Puma responded with the Natural Vario (which never came out). The Peg system was a big intiative for adidas in 1984. Basically the shoes that incoprated this technology had three holes through the side of the midsole. The product came packaged with pegs in various colors (representing different densities) and a tool to hook it up. The Peg system was in the Grand Slam, Kegler Super and the L.A. Trainer (the jogger that for some reason took over Italy a couple of years ago). It may have been in some other models I'm not remembering. The Grand Slam came in a low and a high. There was a Grand Slam II and then some other successor when adidas established its sport performance branding in the early 1990s. The style itself was very dope even without the pegs. The pegs just added that extra couple of color hits and depth to put the shoe over the top. I don't know who wore it, and I don't care.