18. Steve Caballero

Sneaker Company: Vans

Years: 1992-Present.

Vans is the original skate shoe company and has been providing its famous vulcanized waffle sole since before most of us were born. Steve Caballero skated in Vans plenty as a youngster, so when he began riding professionally for Vans in 1988 he immediately gave input on design for what is now known as the Full Ca, the first signature skate shoe of the modern era. During a period of change for skateboarding that saw a shift from vert to street, skaters were buying these Vans and cutting them down. Vans took note and set up Cab with his second signature sneaker, the Half Cab, in 1992. He received other signature models after that, but the Half Cab is what people remember. This year Vans and Caballero have been celebrating 20 years of the Half Cab, which is still considered by many to be the best skate shoe of all time.