Let's get weird. When Nike first revealed news of their contest surrounding the Air Foamposite One "ParaNorman" we knew we had an opportunity to showcase some interesting characters. Of course,  you guys did not disappoint. With a limited edition pair of Foams up for grabs, we assumed there would be no boundaries you guys wouldn't cross in order to showcase your "weird." So as Twitter lit up with an onslaught of #WeirdWins shots, we basically sat back, clicked, and laughed. Oh — and then compiled a list of some of the more humorous photos that we saw. From half-naked baby pics to shots where your parents full-on disrespected you by what they made you wear as a kid, we now want you guys to get in on the enjoyment. So get ready for a good laugh, as we present 20 of the Most Embarrassing Pictures from Nike's ParaNormon #WeirdWins Contest.

*Disclaimer: This in no way, shape or form means that you won a pair of ParaNorman Foams. Sorry.

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