You may find it surprising (just like us), that for the past two Summer Olympic Games, a swimmer has been the talk of the town. While Michael Phelps dominated in 2008, his teammate Ryan Lochte is now expected to have a solid showing in London—yesterday's relay aside. Enough of the athlete side of things, though. Lochte is as much the center of attention for his looks, style, and rockstar tendencies as what he actually does in the pool. The fashion-forward swimmer has hopes of dabbling in design after his swimming career is over and claims ownership of 100-plus pairs of sneakers. So it's not unusual to see the famed athlete rocking a pair of Supras or his bright green Speedo exclusives (along with his shiny grill), which he dons rather frequently. If you're interested in getting a look at Lochte with something a little more covering than just a Speedo (sorry ladies), click through the on-hand gallery to check out Rockstar Lifestyle: A Brief Look at Ryan Lochte's Sneaker Moments.

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