In some ways, Under Armour is still the new kid on the performance apparel block, but the brand is closing in on the top spot like a world-class sprinter. There are two main reasons Under Armour is seen everywhere these days: athletes love the product, and the brand's designers have continued to innovate. Spine technology represents the latest development in Under Armour's footwear game, and could just change the way people look at the entire Under Armour line.

While already the choice of many top athletes in-game, Under Armour footwear is still evolving. Spine is a brand new concept that will live across all Under Armour shoes, providing exceptional structural support at mid and forefoot, and comfort all over. The lightweight, seamless construction upper is both practical and stylish, but the newest innovation lies beneath (and gives the design its name). The UA Spine cage creates the foundation for what is one of the most flexible running shoes out there. By coring out the chassis and removing as much unnecessary material as possible, Under Armour made a natural-feeling, extremely flexible shoe that doesn't sacrifice a bit of support.

Check the video above to see who's sporting the Spine for running workouts.