*Maybach Music Sound Drop* Our man Olubowale — better known as Wale — has been on the scene four years strong now. Even though his name was often confused with a Pixar character and marine mammal, there's been no confusion that since day one he has been the music world's resident sneaker champ. He might not have the same kind of clout as Kanye thanks to the Air Yeezy and LV collabs (Wale does have him beat 89-79 on Klout though — more tweets Yeezy?) but he is known for having one of the most diversified sneaker collections and some exclusives that even have Phil Knight talking about "how you got them?" To honor Wale's latest album, which had impressive first week sales of 163,000+ and hit number two in the nation —thanks for the awesome Christmas album Bieber — Complex dug through Wale's two solo albums, the MMG album, and some of his miscellaneous mixtapes to put you on to A Guide To Wale's Lyrical Sneaker References

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