43. Walter Payton Kangaroos

Agency: KangaROOS
Year(s): 1985

If you grew up in the 80's, odds are you owned a pair of KangaROOS. I don't remember why the pockets of my husky size Lee dungarees weren't a proper place to stash my lunch money, but the Velcro covered zipper pockets on my KangaROOS sneakers sure provided the security my parents were looking for. The brand was worn by a handful of professional athletes, but their most notable was my man “Sweetness”. Throughout his career, Walter Payton can be seen staying in-bounds while wearing his ROOS, and in 1985, even had a headband showdown with Adidas and Jim McMahon. At one point in the early 80's, ROOS was clocking 700,000 pairs a month* with help from the greatest running back of all time.

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