It's crazy to think that Kevin Durant is only turning 23 years old today. KD did a few years at NBA High School (Oak Hill) before jetting for Montrose Christian School in Maryland in the midst of shooting up five inches to 6'7". He grew two more inches while making a name for himself as the second-best high school player in the nation (behind Greg Oden) and then took his talents to Austin, Texas and UT. Many scouts thought he was too skinny to play forward in the Big 12, but his 7'5" wingspan allowed him to get shots off in the paint and a smooth jumper made him unguardable on the perimeter. 25.8 points, 11.1 rebounds, and a Player of the Year award later, Durant bolted for the NBA, where he once again was second to Oden. Not anymore. Oden went Sam Bowie on the Blazers and, well, Durant has done fairly well for himself. The kid grabbed a ROY award, two scoring titles, and three (and counting) signature kicks with the Swoosh - things are looking pretty good for one of the league's brightest and most humble stars. Complex pays homage to the Durantula — click the gallery to check out Kevin Durant's Greatest Sneaker Moments.

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