Director: Henry Selick
Stars: Catherine O'Hara, Danny Elfman

If you've avoided this film just because every girl at Hot Topic rides for it, we understand-completely. But hear us out. The Nightmare Before Christmas introduced a new generation to some amazing stop-motion animation. Before this, all that was prevalent were the iconic Rankin/Bass Christmas specials (i.e. The Year Without a Santa Claus). In turn, The Nightmare Before Christmashas become a traditional Christmas film of its own. Or, wait-Halloween film? Uh, just watch it on both days.

Produced by Tim Burton, and directed by Coraline's Henry Selick, the film follows Jack Skellington, a skeleton living in Halloween Town who opens a portal to Christmas Town. The movie follows his adventures in trying to get his spooky town to accept the more joyful holiday, all set to the music of Danny Elfman. It's a haunting twist on the traditional saccharine sweet Christmas fare we usually see, making it an amazing, original film worth checking out. —TA