Catchphrase: “I thought we were cool-de-la?” reprise; “I need my scrilla;” “Schwag”

“The Car Pool Lane” is the episode that just keeps on giving. First Larry performs the most awkward drug deal ever (with Lost’s Jorge Garcia) when he tries to score some “schwag” to ease his dad’s glaucoma. Then he co-ops a hooker named Monena (Kym Whitley) to go to the Dodger game with him so he can zip past traffic in the diamond lane. Every second of their interaction is comedy gold, with Whitley absolutely killing it as the de facto female version of Krazee-Eyez Killa.

And just when you think it can’t get any better than Larry hanging at a baseball game with a hooker and Funkhouser, Nat asks Larry and Monena to smoke the weed with him, and the scene that follows is simply transcendent. While Monena and a giddy Nat bond over the commonalities between Yiddish and ebonics, Larry excuses himself to endure one of television’s weirdest weed trips in the bathroom alone, where he has a bizarre, instantly-classic conversation with himself in the mirror.