Felicity Jones had the daunting task of hosting the first Saturday Night Live of the year, and when watching the opening monologue, one couldn’t help but feel like the enormity of the moment might have gotten to her. Jones—the versatile British actress who’s on the cusp of major movie stardom thanks to a little film called Rogue One: A Star Wars Storylooked uneasy reading the cue cards, and just plain nervous being up there. Thankfully for Jones, Tina Fey came to the rescue when she appeared as a hologram version of Princess Leia, there to give Jones advice on her first ever hosting gig. Among Princess Fey’s nuggets of knowledge: If Leslie Jones shows up in a sketch and is “vaguely horny and angry at everyone,” it means “the writers couldn’t think of an ending.” Also, Donald Trump will tweet that the show is “sad and overrated,” so don’t take it to heart.

Fey’s cameo looked to have settled Jones down a bit, as the rest of the show went far smoother than the shaky opener. We especially liked the Bachelor spoof, which featured sharp one-liners like the declaration that this coming season will feature “a lot of drama, a lot of excitement, and as always, minimal Asians.” Funny 'cause it's true. Aidy Bryant also showed up to tell Bachelor Nick about her lack of a gag reflex and “four very sharp teeth.”


Another highlight was “The Princess and the Curse,” in which Jones played a princess with a terrible secret. After she tells Beck Bennett that every night when the sun goes down she gains 15 pounds, he tries to play it cool by asking, “Is it, like, in the butt, or your boobs?” Also, Kate Mckinnon as Maleficent for the win.

Last but not least, we loved the sketch that asked “what happens if we meet our heroes and they’re not who we expected them to be?” That’s the question Jones, Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Melissa Villasenor had to grapple with after they summoned the ghost of legendary suffragette Susan B. Anthony (played by McKinnon), and well, things didn’t go as planned. Watch below.