The wait is (almost) over, as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to soar into theaters next week. And if the early reactions—which range from euphoric to even more euphoric—are to be believed, it looks like Disney and Lucasfilm have another triumph on their hands.

Now, how you want to approach the lead up to the film’s release is up to you. With Disney’s marketing department set to go into overdrive, you can expect to be inundated with all things Star Wars from now up until Friday. Some people will bury their heads in the sand (or just stay off Twitter) in a feeble attempt to avoid anything that could be even remotely spoiler-y, (those who’ve seen the film promise a ton of surprises).

Or, you can totally geek out over all easter eggs expected to drop in the coming days, starting with two brand new Rogue One clips courtesy of  Lucasfilm and ComingSoon. Based on the clip above, Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso is going to be another badass heroine who won't hesitate to take matters into her own hands, following in the footsteps of The Force Awakens’ Rey

The second clip features a shaky spacecraft landing and teases some of the high-octane action that promises to feature heavily in the film, and which director Gareth Edwards has said takes many of its cues from war documentaries

We know it’s going to be tough to avoid watching the above clips, despite the fact that you want to go in fresh for the first (of many) Rogue One viewings. But go ahead and press play if you must. We won't judge you, promise.