Raven-Symoné has a message for people who think Kendall Jenner is way more famous than her: You're right, but maybe don't be so aggressive about it. During a recent discussion on the existential quandary known as The View, Raven opened up about her presumably less-than-satisfactory experience on the red carpet for the recent Zoolander 2 premiere before proceeding to reenact the entire encounter using Joy Behar as an extra.

"I understand, like, there's a rise and fall of people’s celebrity," Raven explained after praising "Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, whatever" for their Zoolander 2 performances. "I get it. I definitely respect those who get it. However, I’m doing an interview with someone, and the producer of this show, she goes 'Move! Move! Get Kendall! Get out of the way!' Excuse me?" According to Raven, she ultimately ended up getting "hit twice" by eager producers upon Kendall's arrival.

As previously reported, thousands of people across the globe spent October of last year contributing their names to a viral petition calling for Raven-Symoné to be removed from The View entirely. The petition was inspired by Raven's perplexing remarks on a series of controversial news events, including her suggestion that a high school student who was assaulted by a cop was to blame for the officer's behavior because she was using her phone in school.