If you were like me, then there was a point in your life when you never left your room because you were too busy trying to level up your mage on World of Warcraft. It's been a couple of years since then, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited for Warcraft, an upcoming film that takes the expansive world of the video game and gives it a specific, and hopefully complex, narrative.

Earlier today a new teaser for the film dropped that showcases the ongoing conflict between the humans and orcs, the central conflict in the film. The orcs are invading the human land of Azeroth because their own home has been destroyed, and the humans themselves are afraid of extinction. From this tease, it looks to be a little bit more complicated than a "good" vs. "evil." fight, which is probably a good thing. 

Warcraft stars Travis Fimmel, Toby KebellPaula Patton, Ben Fosterand Dominic Cooper. It's directed by Duncan Jones, who is best known for his smart thriller Source Code. The film also joins a series of game to film adaptations. Assassin's Creed, another popular video game, is also getting the movie treatment later this year.

As long as they're not like Prince of Persia we'll stay excited. You can check out the tense teaser for Warcraft above.