While you were out making whatever questionable life decisions you made on New Year's Eve, Brussels saw a rash of crime throughout the capital both on and leading up to the holiday. Despite Belgium reportedly going so far as to cancel some of its planned festivities amid threats of terrorism, it didn't stop some idiot kids from partaking in the holiday's timeworn tradition of channeling your worst self to ring in the new year.

To do their part in making law enforcement's job all the more difficult, some riotous teens decided to annihilate​ a vehicle by shoving it down a narrow stairway that led to the Clemenceau metro station in Anderlecht​, according to the New York Post. The video is, truthfully, equal parts mesmerizing and horrifying.

In the clip above, as many as three or four individuals can be seen pushing the car into the stairway and then screaming loudly as it tumbles to the bottom while onlookers ride up a neighboring escalator. A spokesman for public transit, Guy Sablon, told the Independent that by some extraordinary miracle no injuries had been reported. One suspected party is reportedly in police custody.

New Year's Eve really does bring out the worst in people.