Thanks to Netflix, the Tanner family will get back to their squeaky clean hijinks in Fuller House and the previously canceled teen drama Degrassi will begin to air new episodes starting Jan. 15. Now, ‘70s sitcom ‘One Day at a Time’ is getting the reboot treatment and it’s going to look very different, Mashable reports

The original series centered on a divorced mom (Bonnie Franklin) and her two daughters ( Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips) looking for a fresh start in Indianapolis. They quickly make friends with the building superintendent (Pat Harrington Jr.) who treats them like family. This time around, the series will feature a Cuban-American family made up of a recently single military mom, her Cuban-native mother, a "radical" teen daughter and a socially awkward son. There will also be a friendly superintendent like in the parent series, but no details have been released on his background.

Norman Lear, who created the original sitcom, spoke out about the reboot last year. "I want her to have a mother so there are three generations of Latina women, and I just loved the idea because I don’t see enough of that representation on the air anyplace," he said during the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "And I don’t mean to say it doesn’t exist. I said I don’t see it anyplace. Maybe it does. But there isn’t enough of it, and I think it’s a rich idea, so I'm excited."

According to Deadline, Rita Moreno is set to star and Netflix has already ordered 13 episodes.  Additional casting details have not yet been released.