While the third season of John Oliver's genius Last Week Tonight won't air until February, the talk show host couldn't resist showing his face. Oliver decided to make a short segment that takes a hard look at New Years resolutions. Thankfully, he has some wise words to offer on how we should fulfill the promises we make to ourselves and others in honor of the new year.

"The key thing with resolutions is not how to keep them, it's how to revise them once you've failed," he states matter-of-factly. Oliver goes on to list a couple of examples of popular resolutions we make, and how we can toy with them to feel less badly about inevitably breaking them.

"For instance, lots of people say they want to exercise more. But that's hard. Exercise is like reading for your muscles, except you can't watch a movie of someone else exercising and basically get the gist of it," So instead of beating yourself up because you haven't gone to the gym yet, simply lower your standards for what counts as exercise to anything that brings your heart rate up." 

He suggests oversleeping and being late to work and taking pregnancy tests to do this.

You can watch the whole video of above.