The notoriously silly militia group currently hanging out inside federal buildings on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge now has plenty of lube for all those dildos American sent them, though it's the source of the lube that's the real thrill here. Max Temkin, one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity, dropped nearly $1,200 to generously send a 55-gallon drum full of personal lubricant to these embarrassingly misguided militia dudes:


Considering the fact that these unintentional comedians recently found themselves practically flush with multiple "bags of dicks," Temkin's gift is downright thoughtful. For additional fun, please watch one of these purported militia bros dramatically clear a table that's practically buckling from the weight of all those thoughtful gifts:

At time of publication, the arrival of this 55-gallon drum of personal lubricant at the group's makeshift headquarters has not been confirmed. Fortunately, Temkin went all in and got some decidedly expedited shipping to ensure a prompt arrival.

This story, thankfully, is still developing.