God bless you, America. When the armed militia group that has occupied a federal wildlife refuge for nearly two weeks asked you to send them essential supplies (sleeping bags, eggs, Marlboros, etc.), you responded by sending them a big bag of dicks

Jon Ritzheimer, one of the militia members, appears in a video first posted to Facebook in front of a table filled with boxes sent to the militia. After holding up a giant dildo and complaining about people spending their money on "hate mail," he picks up a package of penis-shaped candies and says "This one is really funny, it’s a bag of dicks."

He obviously doesn't really think it's funny (even though it really, really is). A few seconds later he pushes everything off the table onto the floor. 

Just a thought: If you don't want people to send you bags of dicks, maybe don't complain like a baby on the Internet about people sending you bags of dicks.