With Water.org, Matt Damon and co-founder Gary White are trying to overhaul traditional charitable practices by applying startup principles to their operation. The organization strives to find solutions for the world’s water problems that are “too big for charity alone.” Water.org hopes to find “new solutions, new financing models, greater transparency, and real partnerships to create lasting change.” 

Water.org has come up with a number of creative solutions that have been inspired by the tech space. One of their most successful initiatives is WaterCredit, which facilitates low-interest microfinance loans for those in need of a reliable water source. Water.org has also forged strategic partnerships with corporations interested in doing good. One example of the work they’ve done is a partnership with the IKEA Foundation to support the New Ventures Fund, which has the goal of bringing safe drinking water to 180,000 people. By taking a cutting-edge approach to solving an age-old problem, Water.org will hopefully continue to make progress toward solving one of mankind’s oldest challenges.