Vin Diesel, as his 2015 habits have shown, knows how to have a lot of tease-based fun on Facebook. In the past few weeks alone, Diesel has relentlessly toyed with the world's emotions by suggesting seemingly improbable sequels to both Iron Giant and xXx were currently in the works. To be fair, he's also been consistently forthright about his appreciation for all things Dungeons & Dragons, so all is very near forgiven. Regardless, his latest Facebook tease actually has some very exciting truth behind it:

Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray has long been Universal's "first choice" to helm Furious 8, according to Deadline. Diesel and Gray reportedly had a very fruitful meeting on Monday night, resulting in the two agreeing to work together on the first of the final three Fast & Furious entries. This news, of course, sadly crushes any hopes of Diesel taking a seat in the director's chair for Furious 8, though he still has two more chances at securing that spot.

Universal is expected to begin official negotiations with Gray on Tuesday, with the film already in the throes of pre-production. With the hype quite real in the wake of both Gray's astronomical success with Compton and Furious 7's overwhelming box office receipts, Furious 8 is expected to quickly begin actual production as soon as April of next year.