Remember the monumental amounts of shit your fellow human beings put you through during your Dungeons & Dragons phase? If said phase was more of a kickoff for a lifelong obsession, then allow me to rephrase — you know that shit your fellow human beings are currently putting you through because of your Dungeons & Dragons obsession? Vin Diesel can relate to that shit.

In addition to gifting me with the opportunity to use the word shit four times before even reaching the 100 words mark, Diesel's own lifelong D&D allegiance has reportedly inspired practically every facet of his increasingly lucrative career. As a nod to his appreciation for all things Dragons, Diesel's 48th birthday cake looked exactly like this:

What does this all mean in the greater context of D&D nerdom? Does a public face give credence to the cause? Does the fact that Furious 7 has amassed roughly $1,511,636,779 worldwide change any of this? I'm not sure, but [insert witty Dungeons & Dragons reference here].