Before we tell you about the death row prisoner who carved his penis to look like an Egyptian god let us say we’re not addicted to all of these penis stories, but they just keep popping up. And there end my penis puns, people. 

Nikko Jenkins, 29, currently on death row at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, Nebraska for murdering four people in 2013, reportedly carved his penis to look like the 30-foot serpent god Apophis or Apep (pictured above) who embodied “chaos,” according to court officials. He needed 27 stitches for his little stunt. This is hardly Jenkins’ first instance of self-mutilation. He’s previously carved the word “Satan” on his face, has tried to cut his tongue in two to make it look like a snake, and once failed to cut “666” into his head, cutting the number backwards because he was looking into a mirror while doing it.

Since the previous incidents officials took precautions by placing cameras in Jenkins’ cell, prohibiting him from shaving, and by putting absorbent socks under his cell door to block any items from coming in. Additionally, an officer was placed outside of his cell to stand watch at all times and to check on him every 15 minutes, which is why officials were surprised Jenkins managed to pull this off again.

Jenkins has reportedly told prison employees that he self-mutilates so that he can  “use the insanity defense.” 

[via Bro Bible]