Prison sucks. Duh. But does it suck that much that you have to cut your own penis off? Apparently.

An inmate in an English prison was taken to the hospital after chopping off his penis and trying to flush it down the toilet, Cosmopolitan reports. The man, who was in his forties, suffered serious injuries and was believed to be unconscious from all the blood loss.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time an incident like this has happened at Horfield Prison. Another inmate tried to slice off his penis with a prison-issued razor in November 2007.

The prison itself is going through a hard time, experiencing reductions in the number of staff and an increase in violence and self-harm incidents. Inmates even staged a protest back in July over the conditions they were living in. A report revealed that many inmates at Horfield have mental problems and it also found that the amount of violence in the prison had increased since the previous inspection in 2013.

It is still unclear what goal, if any, the man was trying to achieve by chopping off his penis, but then again, perhaps there was no goal. Sometimes prison just makes you do crazy things. 

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