A badass black bear was caught hanging out in the hallways of Montana’s Bozeman High School on Wednesday, cutting class like any good senior would. 

Video, reportedly taken by a teacher at the school, showed the bear casually walking alongside some lockers in a hallway, while people ran around or froze in their tracks. 

According to Superintendent Rob Watson, the bear was first seen on the football field, possibly practicing for a try-out, when booster club members were meeting at the cafeteria at 7:30 a.m.. Watson says the bear then walked to courtyard and through a garage door before getting to the hallway. 

A booster club member, who is also a Gallatin County sheriff's deputy, watched the bear for the minutes it was in the school until police chased it out—seeing as they didn't have a French bulldog at their disposal.  

KRTV says no one was hurt. 

[via Mashable/ABC]