In the latest news on Bruce Jenner rumored transition, a new report says he's already taken a huge step in order to make the change official. According to Radar OnlineJenner had breast implant surgery a few weeks ago.

"[He] finally feels like this is the body he was meant to have," Radar's source told them. The site goes on to claim that the Olympic gold medalist opted for a smaller chest so his new rack didn't look too crazy, but he allegedly still could change his mind before his complete transition, reportedly set for early this summer.

The new report is completely unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt. It's worth mentioning that after news of Bruce's alleged transition swelled in February, the momentum has hit a stand-still. Even the supposed docu-series, which allegedly was going to show Jenner's journey transition from man to woman, has reportedly been put on hold.

For some time, Jenner's transition felt like a foregone conclusion, but without any real solid confirmations, it's all still just hearsay. Here are the only things we really do know about Jenner's transition.