South Park's foul-mouthed hooligans are packing their bags and heading over to Hulu. 

South Park creator Matt Stone and Trey Parker just announced the multi-year deal they made with Hulu to stream all seasons of South Park

Users will be able to watch all of the seasons for free on Hulu until the show's Season 18 premiere on Sept. 24. From that point on, fans will be able to watch new episodes on Hulu and Hulu Plus the day after an episode airs. 

For now the Comedy Central website for South Park will continue to have all of the seasons until the new season airs.

“‘South Park’ has revolutionized TV and pushed boundaries with unparalleled topicality and daring humor,” said Hulu's head of content Craig Erwich. “‘South Park’ has been one of the Top 10 most popular shows of all time on the platform. We're thrilled to offer the series to fans in its entirety.”

[via The Wrap]