This tale of a man so blackout drunk that he threw a cab driver from his vehicle before commandeering it and leading police on a chase throughout New York City will scare cabbies everywhere.

The New York Post reports that a friend of 39-year-old David Meck placed him into a cab during the early hours of Jun. 11, then instructed the driver to take him to his Yonkers home. The vehicle didn't make it far before Meck attacked the driver, striking him in the back of the head, throwing him from the car, and driving away. 

The stunned cab driver called police, who used GPS to track the car all the way to the Bronx before Meck bailed on it and allegedly fled on foot before being taken into custody. He was charged with criminal possession of stolen property, larceny, refusing a Breathalyzer, and resisting arrest. That goes nicely (horribly, actually) with his 17 prior arrests, five of which are for driving while intoxicated.

He told police he was too wasted to remember any of the chaos he caused. Perhaps he should stop drinking. 

[via New York Post]

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