Part of the appeal of Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin's books is that no character, no matter how important they seem, is safe from a grisly death. 

Except this one: Dave Goldblatt. 

Martin made headlines last week when he announced a fundraiser on Prizeo offering up the chance to be killed off in an upcoming book in his A Song of Fire and Ice series, which HBO's Game of Thrones is based on. 

Two people paid the $20,000, a woman who decided to remain anonymous, and a guy named Dave Goldblatt, a product specialist from San Francisco who works for Facebook (and "won the Product Operations beer pong tournament," according to his Linkedin account).

The winners will choose their "character's station in the world (lordling, knight, peasant, whore, lady, maester, septon, anything) and you will certainly meet a grisly death!" the listing on the Prizeo site reads.

Goldblatt  has decided on a "Valryian," a people group famous for their indestructible steel. Sounds kind of boring, but then again Dave Goldblatt is a pretty dull name for Westeros.

"I’m just lucky enough to be in a position to do this," Goldblatt told ABC News about the $20,000 he donated. "Obviously, the money is going to charity, so it’s an added bonus. I didn’t immediately seek to help (Martin's chosen charity) wolf sanctuaries, but the more I read about the charities, I learned it was a worthwhile cause."

Martin's fundraiser met its $200,000 goal quickly, and has set a new goal of $500,000. He'll announce a new prize weekly. The first one is a chance to go to Comic Con with Martin. 

[Via ABC News]